AIO Support Center v1.0.9 – WordPress Ticketing System

AIO Support Center v1.0.9 – WordPress Ticketing System
Version 1.0.9
Compatible with JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL
Support WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9
Added 09-02-2015

AIO Support Center is powerful, but easy to use ticketing system for your WordPress site.
Changelog for 1.0.9
* Ticket count next to each user in the "User" list. If count is more than 0, link will be shown and once clicked, page with all user's tickets will be displayed.
* Added new capability to Supervisor and Moderator role: create_tickets. It is used to check if role can create tickets for other users (set Author on ticket creation).
* Added new field "Author" when creating new ticket and editing existing.
* Added new field in "My Account" called "Hide Create New page", only available to staff members. If checked, you will not see "Create New" item in the main menu.
* New hooks:
1) aiosc_ticket_removed
2) aiosc_reply_removed
3) aiosc_attachment_removed
* Added "last_update" DATETIME field in AIOSC_TICKETS table which is updated whenever ticket is updated.
* Back-end ticket preview has got responsive design for smaller screens and template file is updated as well.
# Updated Plugin URI
- Custom AIOSC roles were not updating on user update event.
- On some installations, "Support Center" menu item was leading to non-existing URL. This is fixed now.

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