All Countries, States and Zones v1.0 for PrestaShop

All Countries, States and Zones v1.0 for PrestaShop
Version 1.0
Compatible with
Support Prestashop 1.5.0.x, 1.5.1.x, 1.5.2.x, 1.5.3.x, 1.5.4.x, 1.5.5.x, 1.5.6.x, 1.6.0.x
Designers PrestaCheap
Added 08-03-2015

The Module All Countries, States and Zones for PrestaShop lets you modify and add all the provinces (states) for 198 countries, as well as also 23 zones, all this information is perfectly matched to give greater reliability to its customers.

Gives a better impression to your customers
Enhance your global sales
Contains 4897 Provinces / States of 198 Countries
Contains 23 Zones / Continents
Zones were updated to this format of the 244 countries that come by default
All Provinces / States were associated to their relevant Zone
All information is current and associated correctly
After install, automatically will be activated the Provinces / States for all countries
Does not alter the order of the default countries by PrestaShop
List of Countries that contain the Provinces / States

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