Architect v1.3 – HTML and Site Builder

Architect v1.3 – HTML and Site Builder
Version 1.3
Compatible with
Support PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5
Designers CodeCanyon
Added 13-06-2015

Architect v1.3 is the most powerful and easy to use site and html builder not only on codecanyon, but probably on the internet as well. It has all the features you would except from a site builder, while also offering exclusive ones like themes & templates, closely integrated code editors, the best visual css and image editor around and much more.
Version 1.3
- Added 10 new templates.
- Added new free dragging mode for ultimate freedom in element positioning. Enable/Disable from settings panel.
- Fixed an issue with project preview not always displaying changes.
- FTP details (except password) will now be remembered for project publishing.
- Fixed several issues with exporting and previewing responsive video element.
- Fixed an issue with users not being creatable by admin if registration is disabled.
- Improved menu items duplication. Select a menu item > select list item from breadcrumbs > right click > duplicate.
- Fixed issues with project exporting that occured on some shared hostings.
- Improved project preview performance.
- Fixed an issue with project html and css not saving properly from pages panel.
- Fixed an issue with save/publish buttons disappearing on smaller screens.
- Loading icon will now be shown until content is fully loaded.
- Added some missing translations.
- Fixed an issue with window not scrolling properly when dragging element against top edge.
- Corrected a problem with scroll bar not appearing on screens with smaller height.
- Fixed a bug with project preview when architect is installed in a sub-domain.
- Fixed a bug with preset textures not working when architect is installed in a sub-domain.
- Fixed a bug where image editor was not working on firefox if used from media manager.

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