Casino/Jackpot/Lottery Winner – Videohive 7646169

Casino/Jackpot/Lottery Winner – Videohive 7646169
Version 7646169
Compatible with CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC
Support Element 3D
Layouts Resizable
Designers VideoHive
Added 01-05-2015

Here is Casino/Jackpot/Lottery Winner project (Adobe CS 5) Project Template which will help you promote Gambling Service, Online Games, Casino, promo website Winner Lottery & Jackpot displays. Good for internet, TV and outdoor campaigns. 3 Main Size prepared for All compositions (1080p, 720p, Standard Deviation) Use Our New Color System to control all project colors, replace any color of all elements in this project. Easy and Intuitive customization, 2 Project Version Included (With 3D Element Plugin and without any external plugin (all parts PRE Rendered). Project includes 3D OBJ files for detailed customization with Your Element 3D Plugin.

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