City Weather v1.0 for WordPress

City Weather v1.0 for WordPress
Version 1.0
Compatible with
Support WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7
Designers CodeCanyon
Added 04-06-2015

This plugin allows you to easily add super clean weather widget to your site.
Location: Enter like London,UK or just London. You may need to try different variations to get the right city.
Units: F (default) or C.
Size: wide (default) or tall.
Title: Change the title in the header bar to whatever, sometimes it pulls weather from a close city.
Forecast Days: How many days to show in the forecast bar.
Hide stats: Hide the text stats like humidity, wind, high and lows, etc…
Background Image: URL to an image that will be used as the background of the entire module.
Custom Background Color: Add a hex color to override the default colors.
Responsive for Mobile or other Devices.
Very Easy Installation and Setup.

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