Copyright Office – Codecanyon 17850568

Copyright Office – Codecanyon 17850568

Copyright Registration and Proof of Ownership for your Posts, Articles and Medias on WordPress certified by public notary.

The Copyright Plugin allows to every owner of WordPress website to protect his content by a certified certificate with a digital timestamping.
Every Copyright Registration is transferred in real time to a Public Notary office and is sealed for life with a proved creation date.

When your content is sealed by a public notary, you can prove the ownership of your work in more than 168 countries of the Bern Convention and be sure than you have in your hands the possibility to stop the non-authorized copy of your content.

Update: 23 September 16
Post date: 26/09/2016
Designers: CodeCanyon
Compatible with:
Support: WordPress 4.6.1

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