GK News 2 v3.11 – GavickPro News Joomla template

GK News 2 v3.11 – GavickPro News Joomla template

Deliver news clearly and concisely with News 2, the great news Joomla template from GavickPro. With multiple content areas you can provide your visitors with a vast amount of information, but the areas are clearly separated to make reading easier than ever. Create an amazing news or magazine site with the amazing options included in News 2.

Solid, dependable News

News 2 comes equipped with all the news-oriented features that you could expect; let your users explore deeper into your site by displaying related stories and the latest articles from each author and take advantage of the prepared login, password/username reminder and contact pages, all wrapped-up in a information-packed design.

Clean, smooth video display from News Show Pro…

With the latest additions to our News Show Pro GK5 module, you can display multiple videos on a page, and open an attractive overlay to display the video when clicked, providing a professional, efficient video display option that doesn’t harm the site’s look and feel.

with more information than ever before!

Our new portal mode specifically created for News 2 lets you display a single article prominently in the header, but with clickable arrows to switch between multiple articles. The next article’s headline is clearly displayed too, so your users know what they are getting before they click!

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