Glossy Video Reflections Logo or Title (Videohive – 841725)

Glossy Video Reflections Logo or Title (Videohive – 841725)
Version 841725
Compatible with
Support CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC
Layouts 1920×1080
Designers VideoHive
Added 04-03-2015

Elegant realistic 3D reflections flares and glossy shiny glass looking surface. Created for Clean and simple Extruded Logo reveal or Corporate Title opener. Very fast Logo and Video replacement! Late night show promo with big fat text letters or your logo. Slow close-up camera moves to show off the shiny gloss titles. American talk show or reality tv show style opener with big text letters for a popular and successful blockbuster production and the entertainment industry. Can be very well suited for hot world event report, business media, finance topics or just a simple “hour with John Doe” style show intro.

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