Image Crop v3.2 – Codecanyon 5348464

Image Crop v3.2 – Codecanyon 5348464
Version 3.2
Compatible with
Support jQuery
Designers CodeCanyon
Added 22-05-2015

A touchscreen compatible image cropper!
Works in all the major browsers, including mobile.
Cropping and resizing is done through Canvas. No backend scripting required.
Minimal code. Doesn’t require jQuery UI.
The UI differs drastically from traditional image croppers.
Idiot-proof. I’ve added precautions to insure the computer illiterate don’t break it. For example, if the image proportions do not scale to the predetermined aspect ratio, then the image will automatically zoom in until it does scale.
Will plug straight into Bootstrap and any other framework.
You may run multiple instances on the same page.
Prior versions are included!

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