Imagepress v5.6 – WordPress Plugin

Imagepress v5.6 – WordPress Plugin
Version 5.6
Compatible with
Support WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0
Designers CodeCanyon
Added 31-07-2015

Build a user-powered image gallery with frontend capabilities, author profiles, portfolios and collections.
The new Imagepress v5.6 will be able to create standalone websites, like CGSociety, ArtStation, DrawCrowd, LayerPaint, 3DTotal, Blender Cookie or Poster Spy.
The level of customization will include colours, fonts, templates, dimensions and switchable features. No two websites will be the same.
Version 5.6 fixes several bugs and cleans up some client-specific code. I have separated more functions, which will become modules in the upcoming versions. You will be able to switch them on or off and increase ImagePress performance.
* FEATURE: Added option to specify images per row
* ENHANCEMENT: Cleaned up and tweaked some of the grid style rules
* PERFORMANCE: Removed client-specific code (1)
* PERFORMANCE: Removed unused JS image width check
* PERFORMANCE: Removed event bubbling for several JS functions
* FIX: Changed JS comments to /**/ in order to fix some minification issues
* FIX: Removed GitHub Updater tags
* COMPATIBILITY: Added compatibility with Avada lightbox

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