jDashboard v2.1 (CodeCanyon – 135111)

jDashboard v2.1 (CodeCanyon – 135111)
Version 2.1
Compatible with JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP
Support jQuery
Designers CodeCanyon
Added 13-03-2015

jDashboard is a jQuery Plugin that gives you an easy way to create a dynamic widget area. The widgets can easily be re-arranged and collapsed/expanded, and the layout is saved either in a MySQL database, or with HTML5 local storage (falling back to using cookies) so your users don’t need to start over when they come back to their dashboard.
Version 2.1
jDashboard now works on the iPad! (tested in iOS 3.2-4.2)
You can now set columns to have different percentage widths.
The documentation includes some example SQL to create a table for storing the dashboard layout information.

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