JP Bike v1.0.001 – JoomlaPlates Template For Joomla 3.x

JP Bike v1.0.001 – JoomlaPlates Template For Joomla 3.x
Version 1.0.001
Compatible with
Support Joomla! 3.x
Layouts Responsive
Designers JoomlaPlates
Added 08-03-2015

Another great flat designed Joomla Template. As the name indicates, flat design is defined by flatness of style: simplifying an interface by removing extra elements such as shadows, bevels, textures and gradients that create a 3D look.
A fundamental part of the current Template is defining the color palette and the full width slideshow at the top of the page, here you can also find the transparent main menu on the right and the logo on the left side.
Another highlight is the “full size” background image function for each section where the modules are stored. This functionality is easy to handle, upload your image with Joomla media manager and add the image path into the input field.

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