Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System v2.1

Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System v2.1
Version 2.1
Compatible with
Support PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, MySQL 5.x
Designers CodeCanyon
Added 23-06-2015

Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System is a restaurant food ordering and restaurant membership system.
GrubHub clone.
Eat24 Clone.
2.1 (19 June 15)
merchant - add food item to have two flavor options
admin - add option to choose fixed or percentage comission
fixed delivery table on search results
fixed add to cart pop color if adding to cart is successful
fixed pay on deliver payment not showing if merchant is commission type
fixed epaybg when purchasing sms credits
add options to include any cash payment eg. COD on merchant balance
fixed twilio sms error - The message body exceeds the 160 character limit
fixed if item have ingredients or cooking reference it will not be auto add cart instead a popup will show
fixed mobile number not saving on receipt
make "Apartment suite, unit number, or company name" – required
add sending of sms test functions on sms settings
add option for merchant to disabled ordering
add option to disable review editing from merchant
add option for date format and time format
add required options for addon item
add customer registration mobile verification
add options to disabled popup login & signup and use a normal page instead
add options to disabled single food item auto add to cart
Fixed paypal payment if merchant is commission base

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