Laravel CRUD v5.1.3 – CMS – Sximo 5 LTS

Laravel CRUD v5.1.3 – CMS – Sximo 5 LTS
Version: 5.1.3 Added: 11-10-2015
Designers: CodeCanyon
Compatible with: Laravel
Support: PHP 5.5

Create Awesome & Professional CRUD Web Application CMS Within Minutes, How to Turn any existing MySQL database into real web Application, frontend & backend easier and faster? Introducing, The Real framework environment to Build Backend Administrator & Frontend for real Internet / Intranet web application with a tons of additional cms plugin possibility…
2015-08-17 - Version 5.1.3
enhancement : Filter view column and form from spesific USER ID
Fixed : Remove view core module from code builder page
enhancement : Add new advance search feature
Fixed : Overlapping menu buttons in File Manager
enhancement : Only insecure passwords allowed
Fixed : Error creating module with custom MySQL Statment
Fixed uploading avatar on users module bug

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