MyMail v2.0.29 – Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress

MyMail v2.0.29 – Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress
Version: 2.0.29 Added: 16-11-2015
Designers: CodeCanyon
Compatible with:
Support: WordPress 4.3.1, WordPress 4.3, WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1

MyMail v2.0.29 is an email newsletter plugin written by revaxarts that provides you a complete system for creating newsletters, collecting subscribers, building campaigns, and more from within your WordPress Dashboard. It is a fully featured email newsletter plugin, including autoresponders, that gives you the power of a system like Mail Chimp, except without a subscription and it’s all inside of WordPress.
Version 2.0.29
fixed: PHP notice
fixed: wrong local issue
fixed: updating wp-cron interval now actually updates the current cron interval
fixed: force wp-cron if not triggered for over an hour
fixed: status were set to “pending” if imported with merged option and ignore status
fixed: issue with certain user time based autoresponders in different timezones
fixed: wrong calculation of next schedule if current is in the past for more than 48 hours
fixed: caching issue with some object cache plugins
fixed: issue with undefined signup date on import
fixed: error in queue when custom field count is > 55
update: using {post_image:123} == {attachment_image:123} if 123 is an image ID

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