OTnewz v1.2 Responsive Pligg Template

OTnewz v1.2 Responsive Pligg Template
Version 1.2
Compatible with
Support Pligg CMS
Layouts Responsive
Designers OxyThemes
Added 09-03-2015

Make the most out of your visitors’ first impression. Our Pligg templates are functional, unique and just simply beautiful.
Our Pligg templates will scale to different resolutions. This means it will look great on both desktop and mobile devices alike.
Built with best practices in mind – clean, unbloated and SEO-friendly code. Make use of the new, semantic HTML5 & CSS3…
Template Fixes and Enhancements
Users can now Follow or Unfollow list of users find in other user's Following/Followers list.
Embedly will now work even if Outgoing > Enable Outgoing Links is set to true.
Fixed blank page on submission when Submit > Complete Submission on Submit Step 2? is set to false.
Fixed Maintenance Mode not showing.
Fixed OTslider module not showing in another pages.
Fixed un-styled Spam Trigger module message.
Fixed un-styled "Your account has been activated!..." page.
Modified Match CAPTCHA to match OTnewz UI.
Modified WhiteHat CAPTCHA to match OTnewz UI.
Fixed Math & WhitHat CAPTCHA input field not selected when label is clicked.
Fixed disproportionate button height in Firefox browser.
OTslider module updated to version 1.1 which changed character set to utf8 and table collation to utf8_unicode_ci.

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