PHPMyLicense v3.1.4 – CodeCanyon 11719122

PHPMyLicense v3.1.4 – CodeCanyon 11719122
Version: 3.1.4 Added: 01-11-2015
Designers: CodeCanyon
Compatible with:
Support: PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, MySQL 5.x

With new name, new product, more secure, more estable and more easy to use. With this script, you can license your own PHP projects. Issue licenses, and control these licenses remotelly. This script also have a built-in php obfuscator, to protect your code from being stolen.
3.1.4 (Released Stable 15/10/2015)
* API Added – Support to perform actions in PHPMyLicense via API
* Added Javascript Encoder (Add-on format. Separated product)
3.1.3 (Released Stable 11/08/2015)
* Encrypted Return changed to MCrypt Rijndael 256 bits.
* Minor bug fixes
* Support files to Frontend added.
* Wildcard Domain and API License Activation Enabled.
* Update Channel added in Settings
* Support to Windows Forms API Library (PML_Library.dll)

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