Pixie v1.2 – Image Editor – CodeCanyon

Pixie v1.2 – Image Editor – CodeCanyon
Version 1.2
Compatible with
Support JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, LESS
Designers CodeCanyon
Added 30-06-2015

Pixie is a photo editing & manipulation application. It is perfect for integration into other projects or personal and other use. Unlike other similar products it is built with html5 and javascript and not outdated technologies like flash. This makes Pixie future-proof, allows for much better performance and cross-device compatibility.
Version 1.2
- Action panels will now be draggable.
- Fixed an issue with drawings not saving if there is no main image on canvas.
- Fixed several problems with cropping, especially when zoomed in or out.
- Fixed an issue with image not having a proper name when saving.
- Fixed several issues when creating a new canvas instead of opening an image.
- Fixed a problem with image download on internet explorer and other older browsers.
- Corrected several visual and animation related problems on internet explorer.

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