PressTicket v2.3.1 – Advanced HelpDesk For WordPress

PressTicket v2.3.1 – Advanced HelpDesk For WordPress

PressTicket (PTS) is a Powerful Ticket-management platform in WordPress, PTS is integrated with Woocommerce and Envato, PTS is really useful for you to provide the Support to your Customers. PTS is reliable and extendable for the developer, PTS provide the API and the Endpoint to embed in your applications.

All Features

  1. Custom Post Type (CPT) and Taxonomy support, PressTicket does not use/create Custom table, only use WordPress table.
  2. Ticket URL SLUG Customize: PressTicket support to custom the Ticket slug in URL, so you can easy change the slug in backend, eg: by default, The Ticket URL is, but you can change it to
  3. Shortcode: PressTicket support the shortcode to display the Submit Form, Ticket List at frontend, so you can provide the support service in frontend, no need to login backend.
  4. Widget/Dashboard: PressTicket support the Widget, this is display the user’s ticket list, Status and Priority filtering option support.
  5. Department and Helptopic: You can create the Department and Helptopic to distribute the Ticket, is very useful for filtering/searching.
    • Unlimit Department
    • Unlimit Helptopic
    • Unlimit Support Staff
    • Unlimit Customer
  6. Assignment: You can assign the Support Staffs to the Department, whenever new ticket is created, the notification will be sent to this staffs (if Notification feature is actived).
  7. Permisson: by default, PressTicket allow all the user can use it, but You can limit the permission as:
    • Upload Files: By WP default, only the Author or higher role can upload the files, but use PressTicket, you can set this permission for the Subscriber, Contributor or other role.
    • View/Open Ticket: This permission will be assigned for the Customer, they can Submit/View/Reply to their Ticket, noted: Only the Author or higher role can access to their Ticket in Backend, if not they must access it in Frontend.
    • Updating/Deleting Ticket: This permission will be assigned for Support Staff, The Staff must be an Editor or higher.
  8. File attachments: post documents, screenshots, PDFs … all file is allowed to upload by WordPress and store in Media page in Backend.
  9. Stop Spamming by Recaptcha in “Submit Ticket” form.
  10. Alerts and Notices: (Alerts and Notices will be sent to Support Staff/Customer on ticket “events”) with 2 events:
    • Alert sent out on new tickets
    • Alert sent out when a new message, from the user, is appended to an existing ticket.
  11. Email notification template: is available with 3 templates and easy to modify in Backend.
  12. Translatable: PressTicket support multi-language, so you can translate it in your language by step by step, view help topic
  13. Woocommerce Integration: Woocommerce is a best solution for the commerce site, that’s is the reason why we integrate PressTicket with it.
  14. Envato Integration: Envato is a big Marketplace, they provide all the Digital products as: Theme, Template, Plugin, Addon, Photos, Video … etc, this option is really useful for the Envato’s Author (whom sell the item on Envato).
  15. API/Endpoint: PressTicket support the API (Action and Filter Hook) and Endpoint, so you can extend or embed PressTicket in your application, for further information, please visit
  16. Debug Tool: use for testing before get it to work, if there are have any error or warning, PressTicket will display the suggestions, by the way you can easy set the valid settings.
  17. Quick Support: If you have any questions, you can use Quick Support Form to send the request to us, by the way, we will reply you as soon as possible.
  18. PressTicket Client Version: what is it? PressTicket Client (PTC) is a second plugin, use to install in your client’s site (only WordPress), allow the Customer Submit/Reply their tickets on their Backend, WOW, Great feature, right? PressTicket have an Endpoint API, this gateway receive the request from PTC and proccess it in WordPress system, By the way, your Customer can Submit or Reply the Ticket on their site, no need to login your site.
  19. Google Chart: Ticket status summary.

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