Pro Sites v3.4.3.9 – WordPress Plugin

Pro Sites v3.4.3.9 – WordPress Plugin

pro sites lets you create your own profitable blog or site hosting network. Offer your users the chance to upgrade their sites and access features like premium themes, plugins, extra storage, domain mapping or removing advertising. You can also extend Pro Sites even further by integrating it with many of our popular plugins, including: MarketPress Google Analytics Affiliate Forums Membership (as a Premium plugin) Additional Tags We developed Pro Sites for the oldest and one of the most successful WordPress Multisite networks on the web – Edublogs. We’ve got over 1,000,000 blogs on Edublogs and Pro Sites makes it all possible.

Users have see all of your available themes within in the normal WordPress admin area, whilst checking out your free themes they’ll also see all of your fantastic premium ones too!!

Because of those powerful WordPress features your customers will be able to see a live preview of your premium themes and no doubt when you dazzle them they will then upgrade immediately just so they can use the theme of their dreams.

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