Responsive Bootstrap Support Ticket System v1.4

Responsive Bootstrap Support Ticket System v1.4
Version 1.4
Compatible with JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP
Support PHP 4.x, PHP 5.x, PHP 5.0 – 5.2, PHP 5.3, MySQL 5.x
Designers CodeCanyon
Added 24-02-2015

A proffesional support ticket system built on the Twitter Bootstrap framework. Responsive layout and clean design for those who like their clients to get easily in touch with them and fully satisfy them.
Captcha code how to fix errors if your server doesn’t support it help files added.
users and tickets minor bug and designs has been fixed.
Captcha Code added.
Mobile design improvements, you can now easily support your customers wherever you are right from your smart phone or tablet device.
User Friendly date format :)
View all of the tickets history.
Reopen option added for all of the tickets.
Close any ticket immediately.
Organized tickets based on their priority and status.

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