Setmap jQuery Plugin for Google Maps v1.0

Setmap jQuery Plugin for Google Maps v1.0
Version 1.0
Compatible with JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS
Support Other, jQuery
Designers CodeCanyon
Added 23-02-2015

Setmap is a jQuery plugin which allows to easily embed Google Maps in your website.
The plugin allows you embed Google maps and it is highly customizable. You can set location, zoom level, zoom controls, map type and more. You can easily subscribe to user interaction events. You can manually adjust the map position with an address or coordinates. The plugin methods gives you both coordinates and full readable address.

The plugin follows the jQuery UI widgets convention and you can easily create several map instances with different options with just few lines of code.
Embed multiple maps with a single line of jQuery code
Very easy to use and set only the options you need
Set map dimensions with pure CSS
Get coordinates and full address when the user drags the marker around the map
Uses HTML5 Geolocation to set the map to the user’s current location.
Change the map location dynamically with coordinates or an address
Control the map zoom controls, map type, marker animation and more
Enables not draggable maps or static maps for showing off your venue or business
Add marker title to a location
Demos with great application of the plugin included
Thorough documentation with copy-paste examples
The source code is compliant with JSLint.
Follows the jQuery and jQuery UI design principles and best practices
Just 1.56kb gzipped

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