Visual Composer v4.4.3 – Page Builder for WordPress

Visual Composer v4.4.3 – Page Builder for WordPress
Version 4.4.3
Compatible with JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP, LESS
Support WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6
Designers CodeCanyon
Added 18-03-2015

Visual Composer is Drag and Drop Frontend and Backend Page Builder Plugin for WordPress
Visual Composer for WordPress is drag and drop frontend and backend page builder plugin that will save you tons of time working on the site content. You will be able to take full control over your WordPress site, build any layout you can imagine – no programming knowledge required. Moreover, now you can choose either work on a backend or move your page building process to frontend and instantly see changes you make.
12.03.2015 - ver 4.4.3
- Color picker z-index increased
- Proper image gallery re-initialization after dragging
- Negative values can be saved in Design options now
- Single image now has circle and round styles
- "Author" role is added in the user group settings
- "$" sign can be used in title in masonry grid
- Shortcode mapper parsing shortcodes correctly now
- Quotes (") can be used in the Custom heading element
- Row stretching works as expected now
- Japanese translation added. Thanks to evange
- Position after cloning element is correct now
- Auto rotate tabs works now
- "h3 element converted to p tag if template is saved in frontend editor" fixed
- "1/3 + 2/3" layout is added in grid builder
- 3D shadow look improved for single image element
- Yoast now is parsing content of VC
- vc_load_default_templates_action returned
- Custom query works properly in grid builder now

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