WP Job Manager Field Editor v1.3.8

WP Job Manager Field Editor v1.3.8
Version: 1.3.8 Added: 04-11-2015
Designers: sMyles Plugins
Compatible with:
Support: WordPress 4.3, WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0

WP Job Manager Field Editor is the only plugin that will allow you to completely customize all form fields for WP Job Manager. Not only will you be able to customize all of the default fields for submitting job posts, but you will also be able to create your own custom fields as well. Want to change the wording for the label of a default field? Maybe you want to change the placeholder (text inside input field), or disable it completely, well WP Job Manager Field Editor does all of that and more! You can also now completely customize the way custom fields are output, use the Automatic Output feature or integrated Widget with numerous output types (oEmbed, Video, Link, etc).
v1.3.8- September 23, 2015
FIX settings text fields not allowing input (only on 1.3.7)
FIX problems with resume fields showing on incorrect packages
FIX PHP warning for 2nd argument (for required label) on submit page
NEW date field supports all jQuery UI DatePicker arguments now

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