WP-Lister Pro for eBay 2.0 – v2. – WPlab

WP-Lister Pro for eBay 2.0 – v2. – WPlab
Compatible with
Support WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0
Designers WPLab
Added 02-08-2015

WP-Lister Pro for eBay 2.0 connects your WooCommerce site with your eBay Store. You can select multiple products right from your products page, select a profile to apply a set of predefined options and list them all on eBay with just a few clicks.

We worked hard to make WP-Lister easy to use but flexible. The workflow of listing items requires not a single click more than necessary. Due to its tight integration in WordPress, you will will feel right at home.

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